Call Main Street Real Estate today! We can do a comprehensive search of all the Mid-Minnesota area, for all types of property. As members of the MLS and the Realtor Association, we have access to hundreds of listings.


You may have one realtor represent and show you all the properties you are interested in. You will get to know your realtor and together we can decide which property suits you. We will work together and negotiate the best price for you.

Questions to consider before asking an agent to represent you:

Does he/she have access to the MLS (multiple listing service)?

If not, they may not know of all the properties available in a given area. You could miss out on some listings. Example, some lake shore properties sell within a few days… You want to know as soon as those new listings come out so you can see them.

Does he/she have the Realtor designation?

A Realtor is an agent who belongs to the association of Realtors and follows a specific code of ethics. Not all agents are Realtors… To read more about what a Realtor is, visit realtor.com